Ideological Imperialism

New term: Ideological Imperialism.
Definition of term:

1.Ideological: Concerned with or suggestive of ideas.

2.Imperialism: A policy of extending your rule over foreign countries or a political orientation that advocates imperial interests.

I cannot say that I have coined this term. I think minds more mighty than my (feeble) own have thought this through and coined this term or phrase.

What got me to thinking about this is that recent business with the African-American Ideological Imperialists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They got their boxer shorts all twisted into a knot over President Vicente Fox’s most innocuous statement about Mexicans doing jobs that even American blacks will not do—referring to the Mexican migrant worker issue.

In the Mexican mind,Guest Posting in their cultural context, it was an innocuous and harmless statement. I should know because I live in Mexico and am exposed to this daily. Mexican mothers affectionately call their lighter-skinned children Blanquito and their darker-skinned ones Negrito.

Nevertheless, all political correctness hell has broken loose with the African-American branch of the American Ideological Imperialists, Jesse and Al, with Warp engines at maximum and PC phasers at the ready.

Even as I write these words, the African-American Imperialist, Lord Jesse Jackson, is in Mexico City giving President Fox and earful of his ideology of what is Politically Correct and what is not as applied to African-Americans. Jackson will not leave this alone.

Let me tell you why this is a prime example of American Ideological Imperialism.

Jackson and his ilk have an ideology of what should and should not be said when referring to people of the black color. Or, for that matter, what should be said, thought, or felt. He is here in Mexico, right now, “extending his rule over Mexico with his political orientation that advocates imperial interests”.

Jackson’s imperial interest: Force the rest of the world to adhere to his African-American Political Correctness.
Do you see this? Are you getting what I am trying to say? Jackson, Sharpton, and their organizations are not alone.

American Ideological Imperialism applies to the Jackson and Sharpton blacks, the Gay Agenda Activists, the Feminists, the Abortionists, you name it—if there exists an American ideology about ANYTHING there will someone trying to force it down the throats of the rest of the world.

This is a major reason, I believe, why the world hates America! Why can’t America get that? America engages in Ideological Imperialism, they will not stop, and the rest of the world recognizes this as the height of super-arrogance.

Americans apparently believe that their views, and no one else’s, on issues of race, homosexuality, economics, terrorism, Mexican migrant workers, immigration, Homeland Security, feminism, and whatever else under the sun are the only right views!

“It’s my way or the highway!”

And they seek to ram their ideology of human existence down the throats of the world—a.k.a. Jesse and Al, in Mexico. God only know what they are saying!

Ideological Imperialism—memorize it!

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